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Slow travel is the only way to appreciate Granada, in all of its color and culture. Make a mental note of your route, put a map in your pocket, or on your device, then start walking. Appreciate this moment, you might not be this way again soon, and it will have changed, regardless.

There are countless houses of worship, of many faiths in Granada. It would be hard to argue though, that the most impressive were built in the first centuries of Granada's history. ...the Cathedral (there is only one) on the plaza, Guadalupe, San Francisco, La Merced, Xalteva, and Maria Auxiliadora

Dawn and dusk, the golden hour of light, are our favourite times of the day in Granada. The color of light is dreamlike, and the temperature is at its most comfortable. Whether on foot, by bicycle or in a horsedrawn carriage, this is the finest hour to see the city.


Carlos Alaniz – 10 years of Photography Exhibition – March 1- 15, 2018
Casa de los Tres Mundos

¡¡Coming In March /Mark your calendar!!
Inauguration of the photographic exhibition of Carlos Alaniz Fotografía & Cinematografía "10 years of photography" that aims to capture the work done during this period from its beginnings to the present. The exhibition will be accessible March 1 - 15. We wait for you. Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos #casatresmundos#tourismgranada #granadanicaragua #sisensationalgranadaTourism Granada Nicaragua

Próximamente en marzo / Marque su calendario
Inauguración de la exposición fotográfica de Carlos Alaniz "10 años de fotografía" que pretende plasmar el trabajo realizado durante ese periodo desde sus inicios hasta la actualidad. Tendremos un brindis y algunos números artísticos. La exposición estará accesible hasta el 15 de marzo. Los esperamos.



Coming in March

10th Lent Food Contest, highlighting our gastronomy of the season and sharing tastings of dishes and cultural presentations with attendees.
Date: March 02, 2018
Place: Plaza de los Leones, Granada.

“Bailando al Son del Palo de Mayo Ya”, Granada. (NCG), highlighting the Garífuna culture of our Caribbean Coast celebrating the Mayo Ya.
Date: March 09, 2018
Place: Plaza de Guadalupe, Granada

Viacrucis Acuático (Stations of the Cross, by Boat), fostering a religious atmosphere, accompanied by the contest of the boat better adorned with fruits, flowers of the time.
Date: March 28, 2018
Place: Leaving Cabaña Amarilla, End of Granada Tourist Center.

Recreational and Cultural Evening with clown animation, summer music: bringing an atmosphere of joy and healthy recreation for the visiting families of our Tourist Center.
Date: March 29, 2018
Place: Tourist Center Granada

Night of Judea Granada (NCG), Highlighting the traditional Judea, in the holy week.
Date: March 30, 2018
Place: Plaza de Guadalupe, Granada

Afternoon Refreshing with inflatable games in C.T Granada. (Summer Plan 2018), With the aim of ensuring the enjoyment of our families, children during the summer.
Date: March 31, 2018
Place: Granada.

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